The Unlimited Family Plan

No Worries

No Worries Banking

Rest easy with 2 email money transfers and 3 non-network ATM withdrawals free every month.


HandsFree Savings

Try saving (without the trying part) with our automatic change saving service.


Unlimited Chequing

Truly unlimited, including bill payments, withdrawals, deposits, debits… well, you get the point.

$20 Family

$20 Family Pass

You and 3 additional people get all the perks of the plan with separate accounts and one price.

No Worries Banking

when it comes to family, a little leeway can go a long, long way.

Use any bank ATM anywhere, up to 3 times a month for free.
Email money to anyone for free.
No penalty for overdrawing your account, up to 2 times a year.
Automatically transfer savings to cover forgotten bill payments.
No penalty for cheque deposit mistakes.
Bank in-branch, over the phone, online or on-the-go for free.
Each person can save over $200, or over $800 a year for the family with No Worries Banking.

Handsfree Savings

It’s simple and it’s optional. Here’s how it works:

Choose how you want to save - round up or set a dollar amount.
Pay for a purchase using your debit card and start saving.
Your “change” is then automatically collected.
Your collected change is deposited into your savings account.
The best part is that you can use it by yourself or as a family to save for next summer’s family vacation.

Unlimited Chequing

You get everything unlimited.

Enjoy free ATM withdrawals at over 4,000 credit union ATMs.
Unlimited debit card purchases, deposits, transfers and bill payments.
Free money orders, bank drafts, travelers cheques and duplicate T5s.
Unlimited direct deposits and withdrawals.
Free, unlimited interact eTransfers.
Deposit cheques by simply taking a picture.

$20 Family Pass

Separate accounts. shared benefits.

You and up to 3 additional people get all the perks of The Unlimited Family Plan for one low price.
Each member gets their own account with all the benefits at no additional cost.
You also get an instant discount of $5 a month with a Westminster Savings mortgage.
Don’t forget, the $20 a month fee can be split any way you like across the accounts.

Over $1000 in Value

The more people you have on a plan, the more value you get.

1 plan member

Over $80/year Value


2 plan members

Over $400/year Value


3 plan members

Over $700/year Value


4 plan members

Over $1000/year Value